Friday, November 12, 2010

Violin passion part VI & sound check

Dreams are all about we are looking for,
the violin come to the point when professional musicians
like my good friend prof. Tomaz Pinter take
the instrument in his hands. This is the moment I was
waiting for! You too? Not scary, just celebration of the sound
and the shape. The concept works well, only some
people see the violin and they are happy, surprised,
cool about, me too!
Go forward dr.Lojz go! Yes I did, there is no way back!

Take a look and listen the sound, some fine tuning will
be done in future and new violin is already in my head!

 And not to forget for the HiTeak violin from 1995 was played also:


This is one step more in my life full of passions and Violin is for sure one of them.
Thanks for all who support me on my way, this ones who are on direct contact with me
and the some of you who stay like a shadow in my life! Big thanks!


  1. Olá Primozinho! Congratulations! this is a big step for your way of life ! Thats Great! I am happy for you! Do we see in December? hope so! kiss+hug, Yan

  2. Mahalo Yan, great to see you here as well! Yes we will meet in December go to some Glühwein as well! Thx for your support! dr.lojz